Session Dates

19/06 - 7pm - 9pm - Concluded
The Path from Modern to Contemporary Art
26/06 - 7pm - 9pm - Concluded
Art as Idea
03/07 - 7pm - 9pm - Concluded
Art as Attitude
10/07 - 7pm - 9pm - Concluded
Art as Material
17/07 - 7pm - 9pm - Concluded
Art as Commodity


Parkview Museum
600 North Bridge Road, Parkview Square Level 3, Singapore 188778
Phone: +65 6799 6971

Starts on
5 sessions from 7pm - 9pm
(including a 20’ coffee break)

SGD 300.00 (including GST)
-or SGD 60.00 per session-

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Introduction to Contemporary Art: Foundational Issues, Concepts and Movements

Open for registration to individual sessions

This five sessions series will provide an introduction to the definition, nature and basic foundations of Contemporary Art. It will review the transition from the “Modern” to the “Contemporary” and it will analyze major issues in the agenda of Contemporary Art, with references to essential art movements and particular artists from the 1960s till today.

The Parkview Museum’s exhibition Challenging Beauty: Insights into Italian Contemporary Art acts as a productive framework to the course, which introduces essential concepts, issues and movements such as minimalism and art povera, material consciousness, appropriation of popular culture, and conceptualism among others.

Course Outline:
  • The Path from Modern to Contemporary Art: Definition of ‘Modernism’ vs. ‘Avant-Garde’ (Pablo Picasso vs. Marcel Duchamp). 1960’s Pop Art as the articulation of Modernism and Avant-garde Case studies: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Claes Oldenburg…

  • Art as Idea: Conceptual Art Movement (art about art), anti-art, non-aesthetical or rational art. Relationship between art and language. Research-based art. Case studies: John Cage, Piero Manzoni, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer…

  • Art as Attitude: The artist as a work of art. Performance art, Happening, Body Art. Case studies: Fluxus, Gilbert & George, Chris Burden, Joseph Beuys, Marina Abramović, Amanda Heng…

  • Art as Material: Minimalism, Land Art, Arte Povera, Abject Art and other artistic movements engaged with aesthetical and symbolic qualities of artistic materials. Case studies: Lucio Fontana, Donald Judd, Richard Serra, Dan Flavin, Dieter Roth, Doris Salcedo…

  • Art as Commodity: Art market and the exchange value of the artwork as subject matter for art. Case studies: Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Marc Quinn, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama…