Visual Arts Centre
#01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green,, 10 Penang Rd, Singapore 238469

25/10/2016 - 19:00hs
2:30hs. Talk session
(including a 20'' coffee break)

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Art Biennales: History, Concepts and Curatorial Strategies at International Art Blockbuster Exhibitions

The lecture is an introduction to the history, concepts and strategies behind today’s curatorial-based periodic international art blockbuster exhibitions; also known as “Art Biennales”.

Presented in a historical flow, the lecture will cover some of the crucial problems, reasons-of being and modus-operandi of curatorial-based periodic international art blockbuster exhibitions, also known as “Art Biennales”. Among the issues included are:
  • the Biennale as a city and urban development strategy,
  • distinctions between Art Biennales and Art Fares,
  • the Biennales in artistic and non-artistic spaces,
  • the Biennale as a consecration platform for Avant-Garde Art,
  • the rise of the curator as a new artistic and cultural agent,
  • the Biennales as a model for the production of knowledge and social consciousness,
  • curatorial concept for Art Biennales (thematic and non-thematic exhibitions),
  • the Biennale at the center of the post-colonial and cross-cultural debate,
  • problems related to the inclusion of folklore and popular culture in contemporary Art Biennales,
  • and today’s Biennale Syndrome or “Biennalization” of Art.

The first half of the lecture will be dedicated to the foundational Biennales. It begins by analyzing the historical and cultural conditions for the emergence of the Venice Biennale, the so-called “mother of all Biennales”, in 1895. The Venice model will be taken as a reference to contrast with other relevant international art mega-exhibitions such as São Paulo Biennial, Documenta, Havana Biennale, and Manifesta.

The second half of the lecture will explore the proliferation of Art Biennales in Asia and Pacific in recent decades. The analysis will include references to some of the most influential exhibitions in the region such as Sydney Biennale, Gwangju Biennale, Asia Pacific Triennial at Brisbane, Kochi-Muziris Biennale and Sharjah Biennial. The lecture will conclude by overviewing all of the five Singapore Biennales.