Indigo Blue Art
52B Temple Street, Singapore 058597
Phone: +65 6372 1719

23/10/2014 - 19:00hs
A 2 hs. Corcovado Arts Talk & Walk session including a curatorial tour of M. F. Husain's exhibition

SGD 50.00 (including GST)
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Indian Art Path to Modernity

This session offers a synopsis of the History of Indian Modern Art, focusing on the mid-20th century movements that took place during the transition towards the newly independent nation, a period that led to radical rethinking about the nature of Indian Art.

From the Bengal School formed at the end of 19th century, through the Santiniketan School set up by Tagore to the Progressive Artists’ Group, the session will provide a brief overview of the “modern” artists who shaped the art scene. These will include an array of Indian responses to Cubism, Primitivism, Expressionism and the incorporation of indigenous art traditions that resulted in a rich diversity of Indian colors, lines, and representation.

The session will conclude with a curatorial tour of M.F Husain’s exhibition